A Math-rock band from Bulgaria that can't work instagram properly.

“The Interwebs and The Loss of Identity in Contemporary Music”

Musicians today are faced with a question that very often results in self-loathing, self-deprecation and self-induced amnesia. Amnesia, affecting our long-term memory of what we once felt when we picked up an instrument or heard a good tune for the first time. This question being something along the lines of “Why am I still doing this?”

This state of mind is symptomatic. With attention spans getting shorter and shorter, with ways to support the artists getting more and more “convenient”, musicians are forced to be not only bilingual (in order to push their music worldwide), but they need to be social media managers, record producers and on top of that, investors & distributors of their own art. One can get lost in between only two of those roles, let alone all of them. This amalgam of socially responsible masks can lead any sane person to question his motives for even breathing, not to speak of, expressing himself.

As a musician that has to do all of those things from the other side of the Atlantic, I can testify that pushing my music to the Western market will be as successful as pushing cucumbers to a cucumber farmer, but that’s really not the problem. The problem is that art is suffering, not because of the unavailability of proper outlets for creativity, but because we are reduced to “pushing”. With everyone framing his or her own art in search engine friendly tags, we encourage a loss of identity.

Many musicians work hard (other jobs) in order to sustain their art and this is totally OK, but this combined with the pressure of performing artistically and trying to promote your own shit, puts you in a really tough place. The Internet has forced musicians to think like marketers, as we know, the most unimaginative of folks. Check most of advertising for reference.

You have definitely noticed this at shows. So many bands are so busy instragramming before a show in order to promote it, that they have easily forgotten to connect with the actual audience when they’re onstage. The most prolific of bands in many subgenres stand there as holograms, give you the bang for your buck and then leave to share another day on their social media network of choice with their “favorite” crowd with an often murmured and sometimes backhanded “Thank you!”.

Who are they? Are they your favorite band or did Pitchfork say so? Do you like one song? Do you just like them, because they passed your town? Did you have your drunk-15-minutes-of-social-fame picture taken with (insert best-looking-member-of-aforementioned-band here)? Even the bands don’t know.

Doesn’t matter. It certainly doesn’t matter to them, they’re too busy being 10 people at once – the bass player, the twitterer, the tour manager, the label manager, etc. It’s quite easy to forget who you are and why exactly you’re doing, what you’re doing & whom you’re doing it for.

Some are hiding behind DIY ethics, but managing your instagram isn’t an extension of your individuality or art, it’s a just a marketing platform where you  “push” additional content, which at some point is being monetized by some smarter folks in Silicon Valley or whatever.

Unfortunately all of this leads to neglecting the most important part of our job and that is to connect, artistically and otherwise. The visually heavy internet-oriented mentality inevitably leaves us creatively exhausted, which in turn leads to a great diversity of relatively same-sounding bands and brings up the question “Why am I still doing this again?”

When I ask myself that question, this is the only positive answer I can muster – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSsRTuXfAUc

We can fix it.






Every rehearsal paid is a bullet against the “enemy”! #vesko

Every rehearsal paid is a bullet against the “enemy”! #vesko

Dear Music Industry.

Dear Music Industry,

You’ve been responsible for the death of so much of my favorite bands
that I feel obliged to write a letter in order to express and share my deepest thoughts
with you.

Thank you for hanging around for so along. Thank you for shoving over glorified crap down my throat. Thank you for teaching me your double-speak about what independent, real & cool actually mean. Thank you for caring only about the bottom line.Thank you for not taking chances. Thank you for your even shorter profit schemes. Thank you for not investing time or money in bands if the return doesn’t add up. Thank you for telling me who the next “Pink Floyd” are, so glad to hear it’s Radiohead. Thank you for A$AP Rocky’s success. Thank you for shoving me in a social and cultural bubble since I was 14,by raping everything god damn else around me. Thank you for yet another Grammys or Superbowl performance. Thank you for turning otherwise cool guys into dicks. Thank you for turning concerts into shows. Thank you for catering to people’s greed and laziness by providing a 360 cross-platform, which pays me 0000.1 cent per play. Thank you for making Bandcamp my only alternative. Thank you for the gas prices. Thank you for letting me play my weekend shows and feel like what I actually am for a couple of days. Thank you for the death of the unbelievably talented and prolific Oceansize.
Again, thank you for telling me that musicianship isn’t worth shit. Thank you for wasting my time.


Thank you for nothing.


P.s. -

I leave you with this, this song always reminds me that bands are people too. I tend to forget.


But This is NOT just another band. There may be some like it, but you’ll never hear this combination of feeling & musicianship ever again. Never. Sad, ain’t it? We killed it. Our indifference did. Support the things you love and make you feel, because they will disappear tomorrow.


Anywhere, but far away from black holes.

A new hell’s toy for Tony’s pedal board.

A new hell’s toy for Tony’s pedal board.

At the Belgrade airport.

At the Belgrade airport.

Off to home.

Off to home.

Bad boys in Copenhagen.

Bad boys in Copenhagen.

Our new home.

Our new home.

Patience, Communication, Understanding, Go!  -  paintings by Mariana Mateva (2011) (Taken with Instagram)

Patience, Communication, Understanding, Go! - paintings by Mariana Mateva (2011) (Taken with Instagram)